Handling at the press of a button

The new Smart Connect with its simple operation gives you a wireless connection with many communication media. Listening to music, watching television or phone calls, also over the Internet – it’s all possible.

Smart Connect can be connected to up to two Bluetooth telephones. Incoming calls are recognized and forwarded to the hearing systems. Simply press the multi-function button and you can use speaker-phone mode. This uses the speakers of the hearing systems and the Smart Connect microphone.

Smart Connect App

The free app makes it particularly easy to operate the Smart Connect and it offers even more functions. For example, audio sources can be selected directly. Two additional operating functions are new:

  • In a noisy environment the hearing systems activate the directional microphone mode. If you prefer it, in specific situations, e.g. traffic, instead of all-round hearing you can set the breadth of the directional angle as desired.
  • The automatic functions of the hearing systems focus on the loudest sound source. AudioDirSelect allows you to change the direction from which you want to hear.